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Heungguksa goes with International Exposition Yeosu Korea 2012. The theme of the Expo, "The living ocean and coast", corresponds well with buddhism in terms of ecological harmony with nature. Templestay will show Yeosu 2012-visitiong foreigners the tradition and mentality inherent to Koreans. Temple stay is a cultrual experience program designed to help people understand Korean Buddhism better.

Temple stay offers various kind of practicing methods such as chanting ceremony, meditiation, tea ceremony and monestic meal service.

Participants can find their "true self" amongst the harmony of nature while staying in a temple. We hope that you will have the precious chance to be in harmony with nature, examine your self and deeply experience the traditional culture.

Experience of chanting ceremony

Buddhist ceremonial services are offered three times a day. This service is for commemorates the buddha and lives of many practitioners who followed buddhism. We also make a vow to follow in their footsteps and practice Buddhism with sincerity.
Experience of 108 bows

108 bows is a method of training which promotes humility. Bowing is the best training method for learning how to bring our body and mind down to th most humble position.
Experience of meditation

Among Buddhist practices, meditation is one of the most commonly used methods. It is good way to find our true self and get enlishtenment.
Experience of tea ceremony

Drinking tea engages all five of the senses. It is another opportunity for self reflection.
Experience of monestic meal offering

It is a traditional meal unique to Buddhism. Each person only taks the amount of food which he or she can eat and cleans their bowls completely.